5 Digital Painting Tutorials That You Can Actually Use

I’ve been studying other artists and their techniques for thirty years now.  Over the past twenty, however, some of these artists have taken the time and effort to share their entire process with folks over the internet.

Below is a collection of five digital painting tutorials and and digital painting tutorial video techniques that I have studied or am currently studying to try and hone my skills.

#1 How to Paint Realistic Hair

Digital Painting Tutorial Image #1

This is simply the most well-written hair tutorial out there, in my opinion.  Everything is explained clearly and even a novice can follow along and achieve amazing results.


#2 Clint Clearly’s Video Tutorial Series

Digital Painting Tutorial Image #2

This isn’t just one tutorial but a video series by someone actually in the industry, making a living off his talents.  Mr. Clearly takes a  lot of his time to teach you what he has experienced breaking in to the industry, talking about his influences, and teaching techniques on dealing with the people in charge who demand revision after revision.  One of the best digital painting video tutorial sites out there.

#3 Feng Zhu Design – Video Tutorial Series

Digital Painting Tutorial Image #3

Another video tutorial series.  Feng Zhu’s series is MASSIVE.  Some of these free videos date as far back as 1998 and have all been placed on youtube since.

From the site:

“FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design. Our courses cover a wide range of topics such as video games, feature films, theme parks, consumer products, toys, television commercials and set designs. FZD focuses heavily on the importance of fundamentals and scientific understandings. Our aim is to mod students into elite designers with a broad range of skills and graduate with top notch portfolio. To find out more about our training outline, please visit our official website linked below.”

#4 Digital Painting Tutorial by Dianae on Deviant Art

Digital Painting Tutorial Image #4


Dianae has a few other tutorials on her Deviant Art page, but this one is definitely my favorite.

#5 Painting Lips Tutorial by Dean Packwood

Digital Painting Tutorial Image #5

Easily the best digital painting tutorial for realistic digitally painted lips out there.

In summary, there are thousands of resources out there by hundreds of artists, ranging from the novice to the seasoned professional.  All of them have taken some of their important time to share their digital painting techniques with you.

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