New site

It’s been so long since I updated this site (almost three years)  Time to change that.

I’ve also started a Legend of Zelda collectibles site, if you’re into that game series at all.

I’ve done very little digital art over the past three years other than posters and other band artwork, which I’ll post a gallery of soon enough.  I’ve since left that band and have finished two paintings and another is in process.

The finished one – is a gnome from World of Warcraft, originally a sketch I had drawn when I first started playing that game back in 2004, and finally decided to paint it.

  1. Gnome Mage

    Gnome Mage

The second one isn’t quite finished, but is Link on Epona from The Legend of Zelda – here’s an in progress image of it.

  1. Link and Epona

    Link and Epona(Incomplete)

Also, Ganon, from The Legend of Zelda:

  1. Ganon

    Ganon – Ocarina of Time

That’s all for now.

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